PAL and the Trees Coalition are joining forces

June 13th 2024

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you: PAL: Play. Advocate. Live Well and the Trees Coalition are joining forces! With this merger, the Trees Coalition will come under PAL's program umbrella, solidifying our commitment to preserving and enhancing Spartanburg's natural environment. 

For many years, both PAL and the Trees Coalition have worked hand in hand, with your support, to beautify and sustain the natural environment in and around Spartanburg's public spaces. Together, we have made significant strides along segments of the Daniel Morgan Trail System and at Duncan Park. This merging will help ensure a continued impact and commitment to managing invasive plant species in the beautiful spaces where Spartanburg recreates.

"PAL has been honored to work with the Trees Coalition team of volunteers since its inception under Newt Hardie and more recently under the Board led by Susan Dunlap. We are thrilled to continue Newt’s legacy and mission of eradicating invasive plant species, which make better and more enjoyable places for physical activity. We cannot thank the Trees Coalition board enough for such a meaningful partnership." 

-Laura Ringo, Executive Director of PAL 

"We are so excited to come under the PAL umbrella because, in many ways, we have the same goal. Our mission remains the same – removing invasive species and protecting our trees. Our founder Newt Hardie would be so proud of this partnership."                                                                                          
-Susan Dunlap, Board President of the Trees Coalition

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