PAL improves health and wellness throughout Spartanburg County by creating an environment and culture that fosters physical activity and healthy eating through an equity lens. PAL is a small nonprofit working to enact large-scale change.

Recent awards: 2021 - PAL received the Elaine Harris Harris Tourism Champion Award from OneSpartanburg, Inc.
2017 - the Duke Energy Citizenship and Service Award from the Spartanburg Area Chamber (now OneSpartanburg, Inc.)



PAL advances active living, promotes healthy eating, and fosters health equity.


In Spartanburg, healthy living comes naturally. It is fun, easy, and safe because we are connected to our community, to each other, and to the nature that surrounds us. We utilize our vast natural resources, gardens, local markets, trails, and parks routinely. We walk and bike through our neighborhoods, play outdoors and share healthy meals. We embrace our wonderful quality of life.


As part of our new strategic planning process, PAL renewed our commitment to active living, which we know relatively well. We will continue advocating for a community where activities like walking and bicycling are safe, easy, and convenient. In addition, we stated our intention to play a key role as advocates for accessible healthy, local food because physical activity and healthy eating are inextricably tied in chronic disease prevention. Finally, PAL will direct our activities so that we help close the gap on health inequities in our community. This has long been part of work and now we are including it in our mission: advance active living, promote healthy eating, foster health equity.

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