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Fundraise Using Venmo

May 25, 2023

Looking for an easy way to fundraise for your River Birch Trail campaign? This Instagram story graphic that utilizes Venmo is just what you need. Click read more to get the graphic and read further instructions on how it works.

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Highland: A Neighborhood in Transformation

May 9, 2023

In this epsiode, Ned talks with Wilma Moore, Highland Community Outreach Coordinator for the United Way of the Piedmont, about her work implementing the Highland Neighborhood Transformation Plan, but also about her memories of and love for the nieghborhood.

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Memories of Growing Up in the Beaumont Mill Village

February 6, 2023

In this episode Ned talks with Dr. Malinda Willard, a nearly life-time resident of the Beaumont Mill Village, and her niece Dr. Laura Palmer. Malinda has lived in the Beaumont Mill Village, now a locally designated historic district, since 1945 when her parents bought their first house on the GI Bill.

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Filling the GAP: Good Agricultural Practices Training for Farmers with PAL and the Hub City Farmers' Market

October 28, 2022

In this episode Ned talks with Heather Raines, Associate Driector of the Hub City Farmers' Market, and Channing Houser, Agricultural Sustainability Coordinator at PAL about training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for farmers. GAP certification opens new markets for farmers and assures buyers of high quality produce.

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Our Old House: Historic Renovations and the PAL Office

October 10, 2022

In this episode Ned talks with PAL ED Laura Ringo about their decision to buy the PAL office, and with Heather Morrow, owner of Heather Homes Renovations and Design, about the renovations they did to make it an even better space. Heather and Ned also talk about historic renovations and why it's important to save old homes.

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Back to School: the Spartanburg Healthy Schools Initiative

September 12, 2022

In this episode, Ned talks with PAL Schools Coordinator Emi Bautista and Selena Smith, Lead Community Health and Resource Coordinator at the United Way of the Piedmont, about the Spartanburg Healthy Schools Initiative. They talk about the goals of the initiative, about some of the highlights of their work, and about working in schools or not during the pandemic.

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Bonus Episode: Mill Stones, Mill Races and Mill Renovations with Julian Hankinson

August 22, 2022

In this bonus episode, Julian Hankinson of the Tyger River Foundation shares his expertise on mill stones, mill races and the mill renovations at Anderson Mill. Be sure to listen to the regular episode with Julian, Promote, Protect and Restore: The Tyger River Foundation and the Old Anderson Mill.

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GO! Spartanburg: Play. Advocate. Live Well.

August 19, 2022

We joined Mike Miller on the new "Go! Spartanburg" podcast. On this show Mike Miller will talk about arts and culture, recreation, history, local events, food, and local organizations that are working to improve life in the hub city.

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