About our Advocacy

PAL's Advocacy

A few years ago, PAL rebranded to PAL: Play. Advocate. Live Well. The ‘advocacy’ portion of our work is critical to achieving our mission and improving the health of Spartanburg residents. For PAL, advocacy means:

Oxford Languages defines advocacy as ‘public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.’

PAL does significant work in ensuring that conversations and decisions that impact the Spartanburg community include consideration of health and well-being. Sometimes, this is broader and more philosophical, and other times, we ask our elected and business leaders to make specific decisions.

Specific examples include –

  • Requests for public dollars at the city, county, state and federal levels to be allocated to the Daniel Morgan Trail System and Saluda Grade Trail

  • Support for improved park and trail maintenance or improvement by our local governing bodies

  • Improved school district wellness policies that limit unhealthy snacks or increase physical activity (because healthy children feel better and focus easier)

  • Encouraging local restaurants and institutions to purchase and use more local food products

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