Bill H.3120

January 26th 2021

Growing South Carolina’s Economy through Trails and Quality of Life


What is a trail right-of-way and easement?

Private property owners can grant a government institution or an accredited land trust public access to their private property for trail development through a trail easement or right-of-way. This agreement is a legally binding agreement. 


How does a trail easement impact economic development and quality of life?

For many communities the primary means of successfully building new trails is by working with private properties for public access. These trails then drive economic development through tourism, and commercial and residential development. 


Trails have become more popular than ever during the COVID 19 pandemic because they provide safe, inviting and distanced places to exercise, see other community members, and enjoy South Carolina’s beautiful landscape.


The Challenge

Often the benefits, especially financial, are limited for private property owners who open their land for public access. 


How would H.3120 help build trails?

With a financial incentive some private property owners may be willing to entertain a trail easement that they were not previously willing to consider.

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