Trails Bill (H.3121) heads to the Governor's desk!

April 4th 2024

The Trails Tax Credit Bill (H.3121), championed by Spartanburg Representative Max Hyde, is a crucial legislative initiative aimed at promoting trail development and fostering healthier communities. After passing in the House and Senate, the bill has been enrolled for ratification and is headed to the Governor's desk!

Bill 3121 would expand public access to green spaces by providing an income tax credit (10 cents per square foot) to property owners who agree to add a voluntary, perpetual trail easement.

This bill has been a top priority for PAL because it represents a critical step forward in promoting trail development and enhancing public health, community connections, and economic vitality. By recognizing the multifaceted benefits of trails and investing in their creation and maintenance, policymakers demonstrate a commitment to creating healthier, more vibrant communities for current and future generations. As advocates for the bill, it is imperative to continue championing its importance and garnering support to ensure its successful implementation for the betterment of all citizens.

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