PAL's Food Hub Receives $661,775 USDA Grant

December 13th 2023

U.S. Department of Agriculture Transportation and Marketing Local Food Promotion Program

Implementation Award Amount: $661,774.78

Match Amount: $166,963.00

Total Project Amount: $828,737.78

2023 Strengthening the Local Food System in Spartanburg, SC through PAL’s Food Hub

PAL: Play. Advocate. Live Well’s project will strengthen and expand its food hub’s capacity to serve more people in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and provide increased economic opportunities for producers and food businesses in the region. In partnership with multiple organizations including Ruth’s Gleanings, Hub City Farmers Market, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, and Spartanburg County Farm Bureau, and led by a Food Hub Committee that includes a farmer, a person with lived experience, and many others, PAL will grow and strengthen their food hub to create more opportunity for residents and institutions to access local food. Food will be purchased and sold to restaurants, stores, schools, and hospitals. The project’s objectives are to: 1) increase institutional buyers through outreach, listening, and technical support; 2) increase amount of local food purchased at market rate for donation and/or subsidy to underserved communities; 3) increase education, training, resources and technical support for small farmers and ranchers, new and beginning farmers and ranchers, underserved producers, and veteran producers; 4) increase number of GAP certified farmers on the food hub’s price list; and 5) market the food hub and local food.

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