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June 1, 2016

By Laura Ringo, Executive Director of Partners for Active Living

Sometime earlier this spring I celebrated my 10th anniversary as the executive director of PAL. Over the last decade I have learned a lot about nonprofit management and often joke that I could write a book on the ‘do’s and especially the don’ts’ of this work. However, I am pretty sure that it would not be a best seller. Ha!

I moved to Spartanburg a decade ago because my husband worked for and continues to be employed by Milliken and Co. I started at Partners for Active Living shortly after moving to Spartanburg as a young 20-something, who had two years of nonprofit work under my belt. Prior to coming to Spartanburg, I worked in the annual giving office of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. My first six months at PAL were spent working for Diane Lambert, who was a dynamite leader, and I was focused on promoting a pedometer-based tracking program.

About six months into my employment, Diane announced that her family was moving to Virginia, and she was recommending that step in as executive director. Honestly, I have no idea what she or the board that approved the transition were thinking…but I am so grateful!!

I am not only grateful for those early board members who allowed me to work at PAL but to the many colleagues, board members, community partners, Spartanburg leaders, and funders who have patiently (VERY PATIENTLY) guided, challenged, and encouraged.

Spartanburg is a wonderful community in which to work, especially as a young professional (I am holding on to my last few years still in that category…). There are many times that I messed up, and there were many to offer encouragement and guidance.

So, I close by saying thank you! Thank you to my current colleagues and past who are so darn smart and inspiring, to the many board members who have provided wisdom, guidance and strategic direction, to PAL’s community partners who work hand-in-hand with us to improve the health of Spartanburg residents, to our funders and donors who support us and also challenge us to be better, do more, think bigger.

I am grateful.

For more on Partners for Active LIving, visit www.active-living.org

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