Dave Theiss

Dave Theiss


o: 864-598-9638; ext. 108

Hometown: South Point, OH

I am working to promote a healthier Spartanburg because: Movement and intentional diet have always been the anchor in my life. I thrive with the sort of energy that a healthy lifestyle can create, and am honored to work with an organization that allows me to be an ambassador to that lifestyle.

My favorite form of physical activity: Climbing, skating, basketball, commuting by bike, and walks with the fam.

I love Spartanburg because: The people, the old trees in historic neighborhoods, the trails and walkability, the leadership of the city, the writing and art scene, the authentically-driven growth, and the restaurants (because... food!)

Other community interests or involvement: I'm new to Spartanburg but can't wait to get involved with the local art scene, intramural sports leagues, and naturalist programs.

And something random: Apart from relationships, music is one of the most important things to me. My first allowances as a kid were used to buy cassette tapes (De La Soul was my first cassette), and I'm currently geeking out on learning how to play synthesizers!

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