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History and Active Living: A Panel Discussion

February 8, 2019

This episode of the Daily Required is a live recording of a panel discussion that was part of the Spartanburg County Historical Association's Annual Meeting entitled History and Active Living. With PAL's Ned Barrett, the Spartanburg Area Conservancy's...

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Over 100,000 Uses on the MBF Rail Trail

January 23, 2019

In this episode, we focus on the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail, which surpassed 100,000 annual uses in 2018, up 38% over 2017. We interview volunteers at a trail work day, and talk with Mitch Kennedy, Community Services Director at the City of Spartanburg, about the role the trail plays...

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The Turkey Day 8K, the Marion Avenue hill, and me

November 16, 2018

By Phillip Stone, former PAL board member Running in the Turkey Day 8k has become part of my Thanksgiving tradition. I first ran in the 8k in 2010, and I’ve been in it every year since.  I use the word “run” loosely, since I usually start off running and somewhere about...

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The Meaning of Our Name

October 24, 2018

October 2018 By Laura Ringo, Executive Director at Partners for Active Living Over the last two months Partners for Active Living’s board of directors has spent time exploring the meaning behind our name, specifically the word ‘partners’. Our discussion included – ...

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Foodshare SC

September 21, 2018

Foodshare SC is an innovative program that provides fresh produce to families, especially those who receive supplemental nutrition assistance or SNAP. The program has been expanding since its inception in 2015 and has distributed more than 23,000 fresh food boxes in several South Carolina...

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The Fellowship of Sweat

August 24, 2018

Most Tuesday evenings for the last couple of years, you’ll find me running with the RJ Rockers Run Club. This event, hosted by PAL and RJ Rockers, has become one of my can’t-miss dates. There are usually 20 or so runners who take on the 3-mile course with an option to add a mile. The...

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Beat the Summertime Slump

June 22, 2018

It’s safe to say that, while we look forward to long, relaxing summer days, it’s easy to fall into the summertime slump and let your active lifestyle take a backseat. Well, we don’t want that to happn to you! Here are some great ways to stay active and get out and about this...

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Why We Do It

May 3, 2018

On Saturday morning, April 28 my feet hurt so badly that I could hardly walk. In fact, I avoided getting up because I knew the pain was coming. What was the whine-inducing activity? The day before my colleagues at Partners for Active Living and I (along with a TON of amazing volunteers and board...

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